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Areas of Practice

Corporate Clients – We assist clients to set up and structure companies and  investments that satisfy the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) to establish 100% owned, controlled and managed businesses, establishing a Regional Operating Headquarters (ROH), obtaining foreign business licenses (FBL), factory licenses, advice on corporate loan documentation and other restructuring that may be required to enable clients to undertake business in Thailand. We also undertake negotiations in Mergers and Acquisitions.

Commercial Contracts – We undertake contract negotiations on behalf of clients (either wholly within Thailand or Cross Border) and we undertake the drafting of commercial contracts for clients.

Employment Practice – We assist expatriates on all employment matters relating to their Thai Company Base. Further, we provide all work permit and visa processing services, including for family & dependents.

Real Estate and Investment Matters – We assist expatriates to acquire property and structure investment plans for freehold or leasehold or joint ventures; representing clients to conduct land division and conveyance to ensure a clear & clean title exists.

Intellectual Property Rights – We will process all necessary applications to protect trade marks, patents and copyrights for all of your private or corporate IP rights. Further, we have a systematic approach to defending your registered rights from infringement.

Banking, Finance and Taxation – We render assistance in business finance matters and assist clients in tax planning under Double Taxation Treaties to ensure compliance with all corporate, national and international legislation.
Additionally, we provide cost-competitive payroll accounting outsource services, which allows the company to maintain a high level of confidentiality for its expat-employees.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) , and Commercial Litigation – We moderate on contractual disputes and tort liability claims to resolve differences before legal action is pursued. We can also offer an independent Mediation Service to parties. If you find yourself facing Commercial Litigation proceedings either in Thailand or within your SE Asian cross-border operations we can arrange representation for you in any Court either in Thailand, SE Asia, USA or Europe.

Criminal Matters – We can offer advice on all criminal investigations and, if pursued, we can orchestrate the case by partnering with a licensed Thai criminal lawyer to represent you throughout the process. Most recently, we have been consulted for several Lese’ Majeste’ investigations and Anti Dumping and Anti Competition Law cases.